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“Just a quick note, this is David from Barnegat, New Jersey I started your course about three months ago and I  think the course is just great. books 1 and 2 were just the best, I really look forward to sitting down at the piano now, and just have fun. I am 59 years young and grew up listening to the tunes im learning from. keep up the great work and I will stay in touch, thanks again, David.”
David Petraccoro, Barnegat, New Jersey, USA

“I’m amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn’t grab this up is going to go the long way home!”
Joy!T. Dwight Kidd, Alabama, USA

“Since I was little I have always wanted to play. I’m now 38 years old, have never played, and with your program, I was able to go through the books and videos step by step and now I’m purchasing piano books to play songs to enjoy. I have to say that my husband was very skeptical but you have made him a true believer in your teaching program!”
Soony Williams, California, USA

“It is simple, straight forward yet very effective. It makes the complex understandable and for those of us who don’t want to master music theory, it gets us playing quite well in a short time. I can’t say enough good about your program. Thanks again and keep up the good work!”
Ed Doran, Muskogee, OK

“Just wanted to say thanks for this course. This is a great way to get up and running fast for songwriting on the piano. I feel like I owe you more money.”
Mike, Nashville Tennessee

“Enjoying the piano like I’ve never before – bless you for your insight into teaching – it works!! Please accept my highest respect for possibly the best tutorial of all time – I am 74 and have seen a few. You have made me a happy slave to my keyboard and sound!”
Derek, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, England, UK

“I’ve finally managed to play after a year of slogging away trying to learn to read music. I have literally tried everything I found online to learn and I was considering giving the piano away to a friend when fortunately I found your lessons. Thanks a lot! Cheers”
Toni Le Busque, USA www.tonilebusque.com

“I’ve picked up more in the short time I’ve had your course (I’m up to Ballad Style) than with the all the other methods I’ve tried. Thanks so much for the most logically arranged, easiest to follow, and best ‘bang for the buck’ piano course I’ve seen, and used. Sincerely.
Barry Polis, Georgia, USA

“Your course seems to be what I’ve been looking for for quite a while. I seen a gazillion of them out there but nothing compares to the way you present piano lessons. Good luck with it.”
Don Shonk, Michigan, USA. donspiano@ hotmail.com

“Thanks for everything. With two days of use I already feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of your course.  I think my other daughter, my wife and I are all anxious to learn too.  If only we had another piano and possibly an additional computer to learn on”
Dave Millette, Nevada, USA

“I just wanted to Thank You for the incredible program that you have put together.  I must say that you over delivered on this one. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could my wife!  Within an hour, I was making music. My whole family can’t believe I really learned all I have in less than 3 days! I will tell everyone I know, who’s ever thought about playing piano or keys that this is the real deal and I hope if you use this testimonial that all who read it will believe me.”
Pastor JD Loveland, Santee, CA, USA

“Hi Robin, Never thought I would say this I thought I had tried every method when it came to not only learning to play the piano but understanding the method. I am truly amazed at the progress I have made in THREE DAYS !!!! Your style is so easy to follow and the video along with the sheet music and the audio, no one could ask for anything more.”
David Morgan , London, E6, UK  david244@idnet.com

“Hi Robin, Recently bought your series and think it is incredible.  My mother was a classically trained pianist and my father was a bar room “by ear” player and I always wanted to be sort of combination of them.  Your set of books has made it all fun for me again.  Could never be bothered by all the technical stuff, just wanted to sit and play.  Piano For All is great. Thanks,”
Andy Godfrey, NY, USA

“For anyone questioning whether they should purchase this course or take a more traditional method to learning the instrument I can testify that they would be much better off with Piano For All.  I have just completed my degree in Music at the local college.  The knowledge I gained from your course is largely responsible for my having the highest marks in Music Theory I and II.”
David, Alabama, USA

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