Phase 1: Learning

This is the phase where you actually learn and memorize the notes of a scale. It’s not about how fast you can play them; it’s simply learning the notes. The Continue reading

Using Correct Fingering

Using correct fingering from the start is HUGE! Muscle memory is extremely important when learning scales. And you drill in muscle memory by repetition. The problem with using the wrong Continue reading

Learn Piano Software

If you’re looking for learn piano software keep reading below. You like music and that is why you have a piano at home. You have often tried to play your Continue reading

Learn Piano Online

Even those who are highly motivated to take up the piano to learn their favorite songs will often find themselves frustrated early in the learning process. Learning to play the Continue reading

Learn Piano Notes

Music is an addiction. Though some listen to it for relaxing, some for passing time, there is also a category of people who breathe and live on music. Be it Continue reading