Learn To Play The Piano Without Going Broke

You cannot get around the fact that piano lessons are expensive. Many have given up their aspirations of learning to play the piano because of the expense of the lessons. Playing the piano is a skill which is perfected over time but it may be attained at whatever pace is comfortable.

One with a desire to learn to play the piano should realize that there are alternative methods of instruction in addition to the traditional lessons from a professional. So, paying an expert to give you lessons is not the only option which you have. Today’s age of technology makes obtaining information and knowledge very simple, including learning about the piano. The traditional methods of learning to play the piano are evolving.

Generally, someone who desires to learn to play the piano seeks out a professional who charges a fee, either by the lesson or by the week, which is dependent upon the qualifications of the instructor and the number of lessons. Should you know a friend or have a relative who gives piano lessons, you may be able to obtain a discounted rate and thereby reduce your expenses. Regardless, when you begin your lessons you will have to pay some amount that you and the teacher have agreed upon.

The instructor will instruct you in various things and will be there to correct your errors and to lend assistance when you are having difficulty. But if you are one who would rather learn at your own speed and without a tutor, read on as there are many alternatives available to you.

Taking piano lessons online is becoming more popular and there are specialized software packages which included a video of an expert pianist showing you techniques by way of videos. Further, learning to play the piano online is much more economical than employing a professional to instruct you. In addition, as you go through your lessons online, you will have greater flexibility regarding your schedule. Since you will be in control of your practice session’s time and place, you will need to be very self-motivated. Should you have a full-time job and don’t think that you can fit lessons into an already busy schedule, you should think about taking lessons online.

And if you are not comfortable with computers, you could use a basic piano course book. While this is no doubt the most economical method of teaching yourself to play the piano, but it also could be the most difficult as there will be no input, constructive criticism or visuals.

And then there are DVDs which offer piano instruction. All that you need is a DVD player and your piano and you will find that with this medium, professional pianists will provide expert instruction by leading you through the exercises which you need to learn. Just like taking elementary piano lessons through the internet, with the DVD you have the ability to choose the most convenient times to study the lessons.

You must have the proper attitude, motivation and self discipline for the above alternative methods of taking lessons to be advantageous for you, for staying with the program when you are having difficulty can be a challenge. But if you are serious about learning to play piano and have these qualities, the online, coursebook or DVD instruction may make your endeavor much easier. There is no time like the present, so choose one and get going.


Learn Piano Software

If you’re looking for learn piano software keep reading below. You like music and that is why you have a piano at home. You have often tried to play your fingers on its keyboard too but you are finding it much difficult to operate. If this is the case with you then there are ultimate piano learning solutions available on the web. There are books which provide good contents on how to play piano fast.

But the drawbacks with the books are that these are non interactive things. You have to read out the passages, take out meanings and then practice on your own, with no bodies assistance. In contrast there are programs that help you learn play the piano. But in order to learn piano through software, first we will have to learn how to use the piano teaching program.

There are too many programs available to learn piano, in the market and therefore, you should choose one with intelligence and your need. Choosing one is never easy, so, let`s take a look into how to select one that suits our needs.

The focus of the software should be individualized, means that the program should interact with the learner individually and provide them instructions and feedbacks whenever necessary. This helps in fast learning. The software should be less informative but more interactive. There is no need of information when there is no way to learn it and simply because of this you should choose a program that has features such as customized interaction. The greater the interaction of the program in the learning activity, greater will be accuracy of the learner. The lessons should also be interactive and graphically illustrated for easy grip.
The program should be visually perfect, in sense that it should perfectly display the things to be carried on in the lessons. This visual explanation helps in learning fast and accurately. Graphics also enhances the learning activity because simply reading the instructions and watching the thing performed are two very different scenarios involved in remembrance and the later is more perfect.

The software should exit immediately. This means that whenever the user feels bored and wants to exit the application, he should be able to do it quickly, because this often results in frustration. Once the learner is frustrated with using the learning software, he is more uncomfortable with the learning process too.

The next thing to notice in the software is the speed of the lessons. If the speed of the lessons is too fast then the learner will find it more difficult to learn all the skills and at last he will be a jack of all but master of none. If the speed of the lessons in the software is too slow then the learner will be bored of the lessons and likely to loose interest in the learning activity.

The most important aspect of the piano learning software should be its feedback related services. If the program provides feedback in a real time situation then, it will help the situation. But if the software lacks real time feedback then the feedbacks are not fully utilized. The display should be easy to understand. Software enhances learning of piano. Hope you enjoy learn piano software here.


Learn Piano Online

Even those who are highly motivated to take up the piano to learn their favorite songs will often find themselves frustrated early in the learning process. Learning to play the piano can take years of constant study, and expensive lessons, which do not always fit into the lifestyle of the student. If you are trying to pick up this impressive instrument, you may find it easier to learn piano online. This way, you will be able to take lessons any time from the comfort of your home, often at a far lower cost than if you were taking them in a more traditional manner. Not only that, but some of these online courses even offer faster results, so you will be playing with skill in no time.

There are a few different genres of music that students might be interested in learning. Though any playing and music reading skills will be useful in any genre that you choose, finding lessons that are tailored to your style of choice can make them more fun and easier to stick with. When looking through the available lesson options online, you will find those that are designed to teach students how to read and improvise blues music, how to pick up the skills that are useful in playing top 40 or rock songs, as well the reading skills that will enable them to play anything in a classical repertoire. Remember that any style you pick will give you the tools to read any piece of music and play in any style that you desire.

Many of these lessons, unlike the more traditional hour long versions that are offered by most teachers, are designed to be tackled at your own pace. Often, they are broken down into short sessions, of just 10 or 20 minutes, allowing students to fit them easily into even the busiest schedules. One of the keys to finding a set of lessons that will serve you well is in selecting one that you can stick with without disrupting your schedule too much.

New students should also keep in mind that some outside practice time will often be necessary to truly become skilled at the piano. Unfortunately, even the best lessons will not enable you to gain the manual dexterity and sight reading ability that a good pianist must have without dedication. Some students are helped by remembering that even the best pianists have spent countless years and hours honing their craft. Do not be afraid of starting slowly and giving yourself some time to flourish,

With lessons that allow students to learn piano online, it is becoming far easier to learn to play this incredible instrument even if you are on a tight monetary and time budget. No matter what type of music you are hoping to play, you will find that almost any set of lessons will provide you with the skills you need to play any songs that you want. Even if you have never read music in the past, these lesson plans can help you learn to play like a pro in a relatively short amount of time.


Learn Piano Notes

Music is an addiction. Though some listen to it for relaxing, some for passing time, there is also a category of people who breathe and live on music. Be it any genre – Rock, Metal, Blues or Jazz, the tones and sampling may be different but in the end they speak the same language i.e. the language of music. This mindless addiction leads hundreds of thousands of people to learning some musical instrument or the other, in an endeavor to make original music! One easy way to do that is to learn piano notes first, which as a method has been the conviction of a lot of top musicians!

For a beginner it is slightly difficult to learn piano notes. Learning musical notes is like learning to read and write a totally new language. It might seem impasse, but after thorough hard work, determination and dedication, it can be done. Yet it doesn`t happen overnight. One needs years and years of practice to be able to read notes and play simultaneously. But it is an amazing feeling and an ethereal experience to have achieved that feat. People who play in orchestra need to know these notes to be able to generate music in sync with the conductor.

As far as the lessons are concerned, there are plenty available online. It`s just a matter of a few clicks. It is always suggested to have a small sized piano for practicing while looking into the PC. Any enthusiast can then, look at the videos, articles, etc. available and learn. Records have shown that in this era of high technology and digital world most learners prefer online lessons and articles when they want to learn piano notes. It gives them the flexibility of their own home ad also timings which they might not get with a music school or a personal music teacher.

The biggest aspect to learning musical language is not just learning the tones but also ear training. The learner should completely concentrate on the key being played to recognise the tone and baritone, irrespective of whether it`s a sharp/flat note or a natural note. To make it simpler, every piano has 7 white and 5 black keys. All white keys are natural notes from A to G while the rest 5 are sharp/flat notes.

The one and only biggest trick which musicians look for, when they want to learn piano notes comprises of 3 words – practice, practice and practice. Even though music is an art, it can be mastered by learning techniques and practicing them again and again. It helps them retain the chords as well the tone every note generates, in their sub-conscious mind. Musicians should be sure to allocate some time from their entire day to practicing, everyday. Because one day`s lost practice would mean 2 day`s extra hard work. So, when a musician starts his journey to learn piano notes few principles should be kept in mind – Persistence, Dedication, Concentration and lots and lots of practice.


Learn Piano Chords

If you want to learn Piano Chords, you might be surprised at how easy it is. While many claim that playing the guitar is easier than piano, playing chords on the piano is a lot simpler than on guitar. In fact, in order to play your first chord, all you have to do is place your hands on the piano. In whatever arrangement you have your hands in; you are playing some sort of chord, just not one that is very common.

Learn the Notes
To learn piano chords, you have to learn the notes too. This is very simple, if you know your alphabet. The first white note on most keyboards (except 88 key pianos) is called C major. If you have a full sized piano, your first note is A major. If you look at the piano, you will notice that there is a pattern that keeps repeating. This is of 7 white keys and 5 black keys. The first white note on the octave is C. The next is D, and it goes on E,F,G, and then A,B. At that point it repeats again. As you move from the left to the right, you will notice that although each of the 12 notes repeat, the pitch keeps increasing; meaning they get ‘higher’.

The black keys are a little harder to learn. They are notes exactly like the other notes, but they have a different shape and color on the piano. They are given names corresponding to their ‘neighbor keys’. The black note that is above C major is called C sharp. Sharp means ‘higher’. And so on, D sharp is the black note above D, there is none above E, then is F#,G#, and A# (‘#’ being the musical notation symbol for sharp). They are also given another name, according to the note before them, which is ‘flat’ or lower. That means that the note before D is D Flat. The note before E is E flat, and so on. The symbol for flat looks like a ‘b’, and most people write E flat as Eb.

Playing the Chords
Now that you have learnt the names for all the notes, you can then move onto chords. A chord simply means a group of notes. There are hundreds of possible combinations. Here are the most common chords. The C major chord (or ‘C’) is a very easy chord to play. It consists of three notes; C-E-G. This is known as a triad (tri=3). You should play this chord using your thumb, middle finger and pinky, which is the ideal position for most triads.

Other common chords are
G- G-B-D
F- F-A-C
A- A-C#-E
D- D-F#-A
E- E-G#-B
B- B-Eb-Gb

In order to form minor chords, you will need to flatten (lower) the middle note by one. In the case of the C chord, the middle note is E. C minor will be C-Eb-G. You can do this to any major chord to make it a minor. Once you have these chords down, you should also learn the different scales, as well as the more complex chords, such as G# (G#-C-D#). With the few chords that you do know, you can play many well known songs, using chord listing sites such as Ultimateguitar.com. Practice really does make perfect, so keep at it till the results show.

Jazz Piano Lessons

If you want to know more about jazz piano lessons keep reading below. Music is a wonderful way to meet new friends, explore different cultures and learn about the creative process behind creating and playing pieces for yourself or an audience. The ability to entertain others while expressing yourself creatively is a big draw to most musicians and they simply adore being in the limelight captivating their audience. Whether the stage is large and grand at an upscale supper club or music venue or is your back yard barbecue, playing an instrument for the crowd is a great way to set a relaxed, party like atmosphere and encourage guests to mix and mingle. If you have always wanted to play an instrument but have never tried, getting lesson from a qualified instructor is a great place to start.

Jazz is notorious for collaboration and improvisational work making it an ideal genre for people to explore. Taking lessons will give you a firm foundation of jazz music and its stylings, intricacies and nuances. Piano lessons will teach you how to read music, count a beat, keep time and feel confident playing before a crowd. Learning how to read piano music will help you see how it is composed and you will begin to see common patterns of notes and chords that reoccur and represent chord and arrangement standards you can weave in and out of your own compositions or improvisations.

Learning to play the piano will require you to take a formal lesson at least once a week and to put in practice hours outside of class time daily. Mastering the piano is simple if one makes a dedicated commitment to stick with it and practices diligently. Finger and hand exercises should be performed before each lesson to maintain flexibility and dexterity in the fingers and hands and reduce cramping or carpal tunnel like syndromes that occur from repeated repetitious movement.

There are many places to find lessons. Visit your local community college and see if there are classes offered in the music department. Ask your church pianist for a teacher recommendation or visit a local music school and see if they offer lessons. Visiting piano bars or other venues and letting the management know you are interested in finding a teacher can lead to great contacts and referrals for instruction from people who routinely work and entertain in the field. With a little groundwork, you will find a teacher who can show you how to play and enjoy jazz piano.

Jazz piano lessons are a great way to break into the world of music and entertaining. Explore the options around you for classes and find one that fits with your goals, schedule and lifestyle. After a few lessons, you will be ready to show off your skills and entertain your guests with live, rousing renditions of their favorite standards and maybe even some of your own original work. Entertaining guests with style and confidence is a wonderful way to spend the evening, so start your jazz piano lessons soon and get ready to impress.


How To Learn The Piano

So, you have got a piano and now you are looking for resources on how to learn piano. This article can be of great help to you as it explains very clearly the basics of piano handling and learning for production of your first note. First of all, we should ask a question to ourselves before starting to learn to play piano. Do we love music? If the answer to this question is no, then piano is not made for you, leave it and try another recreational activity. However, if you nod your head in yes, then you should continue to read this topic.

Let us describe the basics of piano fingering. First we should put numbers on the piano keyboard. We only use first seven letters of English language and name the seven notes of music. We should find the C Major notes in the beginning and name them. The serial of numbering should be C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C. The numbers should be placed on white keys only.

Now let us number our fingers according to piano rules. The thumb should be no. 1, the index finger will be 2, middle finger will be 3, ring finger will be 4, and the little finger will be named 5. The most basic exercise is to play on a mid range octave. Now place the finger no. 1 i.e. right thumb on the note of C. Play this tune, slowly and perfectly without staggering:

C with 1, D with 2, E with 3, F with 4, G with 5, F with 4, E with 3, D with 2 and C with 1.

Follow this exercise while looking at your keyboard and fingers carefully. You should do this in order to remember which note falls on which finger. When you think you will do it without looking at the keyboard, start practicing without looking at it. If you think that you have learned to play these notes with your correct fingers and without even looking at the keyboard, then you should continue with the next exercise to play the following tune. Play in groups of three

C with 1, E with 3, G with 5
F with 1, A with 2, C` with 5
B with 5, G with 3, E with 1

Practice this tune to perfection and now you are ready to deal with playing more complex tunes. While learning to play on a piano keyboard, you should keep certain things in mind. First, you should only press the key with the intended finger and never practice using wrong finger for any of the note. If you have to skip a note, always skip the finger with which it is played. Secondly, at the beginning you should be pretty slow in playing, that is because you are learning and learning fast could result in harmful side effects. So, play slowly and accurately in the beginning to become a fast and accurate player at last. At last, after you learn how to use piano fingering, you can invent the music of your soul. Hope you enjoy how to learn piano here.


Easy Piano Lessons

Easy piano lessons help you get the basics of piano playing. This piano is one of the earliest musical instruments forming the basis of the music today. One way of learning piano is taking online beginner piano lessons which will comprehensively explain the various playing techniques. These lessons are meant to allow you learn the basic techniques to learn the notes. It also involves training the ear to hear distinct tones and notes and understand scales and chords as well as learning the right sitting and playing positions.

Once you get a piano, sit straight with the body relaxed as this will give you easy access to the whole key board. Ensure that your hands and fingers are loosened up to enable the fingers to navigate smoothly on all octaves of the board. Each key has a distinct sound and it is imperative that you understand each and find out the notes on the octave. Albeit each octave bears the same set of notes with varying pitch either higher or lower. C-D-E-F-G-A-B notes are on the white keys while the black keys relay the flat and sharp sounds; but if played collectively they make a precise chord.

When you understand the individual notes on the keyboard, the next lesson is to learn the major and minor chords. The bass notes and chords on the lower part of the keyboard are played using the right hand while the high octaves or treble are played using the left hand. All these need to be mixed and coordinated systematically to match the rhythm in pieces of music. Listening to music and songs where the piano is the main instrument will give you hints on new techniques. This will aid you to understand musical features such as symphony, harmony, melody, etc.

It is important to remember that no one becomes an instant virtuoso. This implies that regular practice is required if you are to excel with this incredible. You will need to supplement these lessons with learning to read music sheets as this will enlighten you more on various aspects of music such as treble and bass clefs, chromatic, arpeggios, pentatonic scales, etc., among other fundamentals. You may also opt to go online and sign up for some lessons especially to get the basics. The internet offers a wide range of resources from text, audio to video lessons for beginners.

Finally, one the quickest method to learning musical instruments is to solicit the services of an experienced tutor. You will perfect the art of playing easily if you learn it from an expert. You can also visit music stores and purchase DVDs offering easy lessons on piano playing. It is also possible to acquire printed beginner’s lessons version. More so, you can create a library of best piano songs and try them when you are fully versed on the basics starting with the easy ones. Search for various resources both conventional and online to guide you since this is the only easy way to learn piano playing. Hope you enjoy this easy piano lessons here.


Blues Piano Lessons

Blues piano is one of the most enduringly popular styles of piano playing. If you want to learn it, you have to acquire a proper introduction to its art and craft. It is primarily based on the I-IV-V chord progression. This means that, using a major scale, you would be using the 1st, 4th, and 5th intervals. For instance, when playing in the key of C, a I-IV-V progression would consist of a C major chord (I), an F major chord (IV), and a G major chord (V). This fundamental progression is based on a triad a three-note scale tone of chords. To make it “bluesy,” however, you’ll need to add a “lowered” or “flatted” 7th tone to each major chord in effect making them dominant 7th chords. The lowered note is what expert players and other musicians call the “blues.”

Back to School

There are several ways to get an introduction to this kind of piano. The most common would be to search out a music school and enroll in a blues piano class. This is a fairly good way to learn, because aspiring students would be taught in person by reliable, accredited teachers. Also, students could learn alongside others, so the class would never be boring. However, to get your money’s worth, make sure you enroll at a music school that is more or less known to provide good tutorials.

Private Lessons

Another avenue would be to learn through private lessons. This could be done by hiring an expert instructor and asking them to teach you privately, whether at your home or an outside agreed-upon venue. This is considered by many to be one of the most effective methods of getting blues piano lessons because students are given sufficient attention by their instructors, thus making it easy to learn. However, just like formal classes, the cost for private lessons can be rather expensive.

Digital Drills

Then there are any number of DVDs out on the market, featuring famous or accomplished pianists, that systematically lead beginner players through all the lessons needed to master the style scales, chord theory, licks, turnarounds, and endings. Most of these require no previous piano experience, which proves a great attraction to novice piano players. The drawback with this type of format is that it is rather impersonal; it eliminates the need altogether for a live teacher’s actual presence and support which can often be crucial.

The Info Age Alternative

With the advent of the Internet, an alternative means to get blues piano lessons is to avail of online tutorials. This method is not only cheap but also quite practical. If you have a PC at home, all you would need to do is surf the Web and look for websites that offer, in particular, blues piano lessons. And there are a number of websites out there who do offer online tutorials, so you would never run out of choices. The important thing to remember, however, is that you should make sure the website you ultimately choose is a reliable and worthwhile one. One of the Internet’s drawbacks is that some websites could be uncertain or inadequate so you just have to be a bit cautious. If you are, though, there is no reason why you should get the blues learning to PLAY the blues.


Adult Piano Lessons

Piano is a rarity in these times when the length of music instruments is shrinking. They offer music for the Gods and at the same time look aesthetically beautiful. This means that the piano players automatically become the central attraction of parties. Many adults must have harbored the desire to learn to play this musical instrumnt in childhood and may not have had the opportunity to do so; all such grown ups need not feel dejected even now as there are vast numbers of adult piano lessons to help then learn the wonderful craft.

You might think about the chord progressions and various keys to be a difficult matter to understand but the teachers are well adept in making it an easy job for you. In piano, as less as the knowledge of 3 chords (the major ones) can allow you to play more than a couple of dozen songs beautifully. In fact, many different songs can be played with the use of same chord. If you have a teacher who knows his job then matching of melody and prediction of chord will all become very easy tasks to fulfill.

As a person seeking lessons for this musical instrument, you should first understand your inclination. It is wise to know which kind of music you wish to learn; whether it is classical or jazz or some new wave of contemporary music. Thankfully, there are teachers to satisfy your thirst no matter which line of music you choose. As a first, you should look for a musical teacher who teaches in your very own area. It is not the best idea to get travel-exhausted by the time you sit on your piano keys.

Today, you need not even learn from traditional teachers as online adult piano lessons are readily available; such piano lessons for adults can be sought from any of the websites that is affiliated to the Better Business bureau. The central idea is to go for those websites which have an informal yet persuasive environment. You can also look for state of art online tutorials where teachers actually teach over illuminate white boards and through PowerPoint presentations; obviously you need to spend some money for this kind of coaching. Such coaching syllabi also present some of the top players as their guest faculties.

When taking lessons in a brick and mortar institute you should remember to trim your nails. Nail profile is important as long nails can cause disturbance to the players close to you. Piano manuals and music CD’s can also be a good choice to build you confidence in the early stage. You must look to involve yourself with piano recitals. These can help you learn a few novelties from other students and at the same time enhance your maturity level. If you have the desire, knowledge of 12 major keys would come to you in some time; the idea is to be diligent and purposeful with you training. There are no free lunches in this world but if you strive hard, it’s not the toughest thing in the world to be a quality piano player.